Shop Shack Final Board

shop shack final board

I kinda tweaked one corner when I mounted it, hopefully it's not noticeable.

board 95%

board at 75%


Final Board Progress

Shop Shack Closed Interior Final Render

Pre-Photoshop of course.
I'll mess with the lighting after work.

Introducing the modules

Some really quick renderings of the Shop Shack modules with rough operations added.

Mod_1 - Adjustable shelving and glass backing, includes pass through.

Mod_2 - Adjustable shelving and glass backing, vertical "shelf" is fixed.

Mod_3 - Adjustable shelves and clothing rod. No glass backing.

Mod_4 - Adjustable Shelving, glass backing.

Mod_5 - Cabinet below w/ double doors, cabinet above with top hung door, register desk part of ribbon.

Mod_6 - Cabinet below, register desk as part of ribbon.

Shop Shack Renderings Aug. 27

Possible Final interior open rendering of the shop shack. This is all prior to photoshopping people, merchandise, materials, etc.
I may do one other rendering of a different arrangement though it seems like we can get better overviews from the sketchup models.


Shop Shack Rendering Angle and Material Tests

Shop Shack Work Session Aug. 26th

Images from last night. I may redo the lantern shot as the texture on the back wall didn't turn out very well. Tonight I'll add the cabinetry and shelving into the model, along with the casters.


Shop Shack Ribbons -adjusted

Rounded the corners to make it easier to waterjet cut (though harder to nest) and thickened the proportions to make it more interesting.

Shop Shack Ribbon Tests

Here's a few general elevations of what some of the cabinetry could look like.

I think on the ends we should still have a ribbon but fill the open spaces with some sort of translucent material. I also believe the cabinetry should be set back from the outer edges of the by an inch or so rather than being flush with the front and back.


Shop Shack Meeting Aug. 24

We've decided on a final form of sorts and now are all working separately on the various incarnations of that form. The decision was made to go with a solid objected that is sectioned into several pieces, which function individually as furniture but collected back together for security. Each piece is to be designed as a single ribbon form to provide a level of elegance to the individual parts. The difference in the ribbons of each piece should provide some visual interest when they are joined together into a solid object.
We've setup various rules to keep the modules working together. - Modules will be approx. 6'wx8'hx2'd
- Ribbons to be 2'x2"
More tomorrow when we all come back with designs.



Glutton for Punishment: Vol. 57 of ..

So I found a new competition to work on after this and it looks very, very promising.

Competition brief is located
Due Date is between Oct. 10 and Oct. 15 2008

Competition Site is located here.

Ultimately this looks like a mixed use development that includes but isn't limited to; a hotel, the high speed rail stations, local transit stations, parking, and conference halls. All of this atop the existing historic Union Station in Chicago.

I plan on doing this one is anyone else interested?

Shop Shack Work Session Notes, Aug. 20

After much deliberation we've decided to take a three pronged approach as our deadline is approaching in under a week.
Sam will investigate using a singular wall-object that deforms into the necessary furniture.
Alexandra will be looking at whether we can create a large static form with just a few simple pivoting pieces inside of it.
Finally, I will be looking at designing the various pieces of furniture necessary and how to get those pieces to collect into one dense object.

We've decided to shift our focus more towards the requirements of the program and let that inform the design a little more than we have previously.
Requirements for those playing at home are:
-235 sf. max
-modular shelving wall 10ftx7ft min.
-Display units for merch.
-Desk for two people and registers, etc. 8ft min.
-Locking mechanism. (security)
-Everything should be adjustable, modular and flexible.

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