Continuing with the T-shirt theme:
After spending several hours at the Urban Craft Uprising today, I decided to try my hand at some designs for onesies. I'd submit these to Threadless but I don't believe they do baby clothes. Both could probably use another pass or two, think of these as digital sketches more than finished pieces.

This one is called; "This is where babies come from, or at least I think it is"
Here's the alternate, using a single color printing process rather than white ink. Not sure which one I like more. I do like the blue against the brown in either case. I think the giraffe's neck could stand to be stretched out as well.
This one is called; "Baby Food_Melty Carrots" I guess...I've never been good at nomenclature. Might do another pass to really punch up the splatter effect on the carrots.
All are shown on brown because it's the only large onesie I could find on google image search, these designs could work on several different colors, the carrot in particular might look better on something other than brown.

This last one was adapted from a baby card I made for some friends, all the babies in this one are pulled from a royalty-free custom shape photoshop set. I'd like to see the string wrap around from from to back. The colors could be swapped to indicate masculine v feminine.